Experiences with a little History

  Your Cottage Vacation at Sandy Haven doesn’t have to be about fishing. Bring your canoe, kayak, SUP, camera, binoculars, telescope  or drone and go out and explore. We’re remote enough to be away from the light pollution of the city. When the sky lights up at night, here it’s from the stars.

Sandy Haven sits on 5 acres on the southern shore of Sandy Island on the south shore of Lake Nipissing. The Historic French River is minutes from your Cottage front door. Hop in your canoe or kayak and paddle some or the same water that the Algonquin peoples traveled before the Ojibway named it “Wemitigoj-Sibi”. It later became known to Europeans  as “The French River” because it was associated with French explorers including  Samuel de Champlain.

Other famous explorers to use the French River, Simon Fraser who went on to chart the province of British Columbia and “Alexander Mackenzie” who was actually the first explorer to cross America east to west north of Mexico in 1793, he preceded Lewis and Clarke by 12 years.

Come and enjoy the wilderness, water, walking trails on the island, cliff jump if you want. If you’re the type to just want to be away from the noise of the city the great thing about the people that do come to fish is…they’re gone all day and you’ll have the peace and quiet to yourself . So if you want to just read a book on the deck or write a book on the dock, leave the noise in the city.

Sandy Haven has something for everyone, we have everything you need.

There’s one more big thing we have here….Ice Cream